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24/01/2017 18:45
Writing Competition January/February 2017: The Life Remote Control

This month the idea is to imagine you have a remote control that can control anything you want.  

You can write about anything, but here are some ideas to think about:


  • Where did you get it? Was it a gift? Did you find it somewhere?
  • What can you control?  People? Time? Other things?
  • Can it make people do funny things? 
  • Is it a 'normal' remote control with normal buttons, or are there special buttons that do special things?
  • Does it control YOU?
  • Do you use it for good, or for evil?

Here are the normal functions of a remote control to help you think of some things it can do:

Rewind = rebobinar

Fast Forward = adelantar

Play = darle al play

Stop = parar

Pause = pausa

Record = gravar

Turn Up the Volume = subir el volumen

Turn Down the Volume = bajar el volumen

Mute = silenciar

Change Channels = cambiar de canal

 Turn on = encender

Turn off = apagar


Remeber to use your imaginations and have fun!  

The last day to give this to your teacher is FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24TH!

10/01/2017 17:49
Happy New Year!

What are your New Year's resolutions for 2017?

16/11/2016 15:41
November/December Writing Competition:  The Race Around the World

Here are some ideas you can think about to help you with this writing topic:

Idea 1:

Imagine you are participating in a race around the world! Write a letter to a friend or family member telling them about your experiences.  Are you having a good time? What have you seen? What have you done? Have you had any problems? 

Idea 2:

Imagine you are a newspaper reporter, and write a newspaper article about a new race around the world.  Where will they travel? How long will it take?  What's the prize for the winner? Who are the competitors?

Idea 3:

Imagine you are participating in the race.  Write a diary or journal entry for each day of the race.  What country are you in each day? What foods are you eating? How's the weather? Are you doing well in the race? How are you feeling?

Idea 4:

Write a story about a race around the world. You can be the narrator, and invent the characters.  Are they people? Are they animals? Why are they racing? What is the prize for the winner? Etc..


Remember: use your imagination and have fun!

Good luck!


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