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Important, abans de fer la prova:

Per poder iniciar classes a AAprendre idiomes cal que feu dues proves de nivell: l'escrita i l'oral.

Si us interessa realitzar l'escrita, esteu al lloc indicat. Empleneu les vostres dades personals per tal de poder contactar amb vosaltres.

El test serveix per tots els nivells per això és important deixar en blanc totes aquelles preguntes que no sapigueu i parar en el moment en que se uscompliqui.

Per la prova oral cal concretar dia i hora prèviament. (Telf: 93 789 52 15)


Nom i cognoms
Nivell d'anglès
1. Are there ______ apples in the kitchen?
A. much B. any C. some
2. That is _____ interesting book.
A. the B. a C. an
3. I went ______ church last Sunday.
A. at B. in C. to
4. What _____ he like? - He is very friendly.
A. does B. did C. is
5. I ________ a new car last month.
A. bought B. have bought C. buyed
6. How ________ money do you have in your pocket?
A. many B. few C. much
7. He came ______ home late last night.
A. -- B. at C. to
8. Jack is a nice boy, and I like _____.
A. her B. him C. his
9. I get up ______ seven o'clock every day
A. in B. on C. at
10. I like __________ music.
A. listen B. listen to C. listening to
1. The shop is at the end of this street _____ the right.
A. at B. in C. on
2. The bank is _______ the post office.
A. near of B. next to C. next
3. There are ______ books on the table.
A. any B. an C. some
4. I would like _____ rice.
A. a B. one C. some
5. I went to Paris three years _____.
A. last B. ago C. time past
6. Do you like ______ Chinese food?
A. - B. an C. some
7. He speaks English _____.
A. good B. well C. gooder
8. He is a very _________ driver.
A. carefully B. careful C. care
9. He ___________ visit his brother next week.
A. is going to B. will C. is
10. I'm going to Seattle ______ English.
A. for learning B. to learn C. for to learn
1. The children in that class ______ nine years old.
A. has B. are C. have
2. How ___________ to work?
A. you go B. go you C. do you get
3. Do you like watching TV? Yes, I ___
A. like B. like watching C. do
4. ____________ to dinner tonight?
A. Does he come B. Will he coming C. Is he coming
5. How ________ were the tickets?
A. many B. much C. often
6. He can see something _________ in the sky! Why don't we have a look?
A. flying B. fly C. to fly
7. _______________ to come to dinner with us? (invitation)
A. Do you like B. Would you like C. Like you
8. What film ______ we see? (asking for a suggestion)
A. want B. will C. shall
9. Do you want _________ to dinner tomorrow?
A. come B. to come C. coming
10. He's got _______ interesting stories.
A. any B. some C. a lot
1. I'm afraid I'm not hungry. I've _______ eaten lunch.
A. yet B. still C. already
2. My mother let me __________ late when I was a child.
A. stay out B. to stay out C. staying out
3. He has _____ friends in Chicago.
A. few of B. much C. few
4. She _______ lunch by the time we arrived.
A. finished B. is finished C. had finished
5. ______ you ever _____ to Hollywood?
A. Did _______ go B. Have _______ been C. Are _______ gone
6. These photos ___________________ by an artist named Phil Thomsen.
A. are made B. were photoed C. were taken
7. If I ______ you, I would wait a while to begin investing.
A. was B. are C. were
8. He'll give you a call as soon as he ________.
A. will arrive B. is going to arrive C. arrives
9. He found his watch _______ his papers on his desk.
A. among B. between C. in
10. I think San Francisco is _____ exciting _____ New York.
A. as .... as B. as .... than C. than ... as
1. If she ________ he was coming, she would have prepared the guest room.
A. knew B. had known C. have known
2. I wonder if ________________________ yet.
A. has the letter arrived B. the letter has arrived C. has arrived the letter
3. Do you really want to __________ that meeting until tomorrow?
A. put off B. put until C. put on
4. If you want to be healthy, you _________ smoke.
A. must not to B. don't have to C. shouldn't
5. Where was Jack yesterday? - I don't know. He __________ seeing the doctor.
A. might have been B. might was C. would have been
6. Yes, that is the woman ______ horse almost trampled her!
A. that B. who C. whose
7. Would you like me to ___________ the children next week?
A. look into B. look at C. look after
8. I missed the train, so I _________ take the one after.
A. musted B. had to C. must
9. Why are your hands so dirty? - Well, I _________________ in the garden for two hours.
A. have been working B. worked C. have worked
10. Audi _______________ cars in Germany for many years now.
A. have been made B. have been making C. are made
1. The test was _____ difficult she had problems finishing it on time.
A. such B. so C. as
2. Can you give me _____________ details please?.
A. farther B. enough C. further
3. ____________ 250 k.p.h.?
A. Which model does go B. Which does model go C. Which model goes
4. I could hardly ___________ the ship in the distance.
A. see out B. make through C. make out
5. He has _____ interest in continuing the project.
A. any B. not any C. no
6. Where do you think Jane was yesterday? - She __________ at home.
A. must be B. must have been C. must go
7. Not only _______________to London but she visited many other places in England.
A. she went B. went she C. did she go
8. Jack ______________ a fortune when his great uncle passed on.
A. came along B. came into C. came through
9. I think you ___________ see a doctor.
A. should better to B. ought C. had better
10. ______ the last market session the Dow Jones dropped 67 points.
A. During B. While C. For