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This document (from now on called “PRIVACY POLICY”) is aimed to regulate the use of the web site that AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L. offers the users ( )

The rights of intellectual property of this web site, its source code, data bases, and the different elements that are contained are ownership of AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L., to whom it corresponds the exclusive use of exploitation of the rights of the web site and, specially, the reproduction, distribution, public communication, maintenance and transformation.

The use of this web site from a third party, grants the condition of user and assumes the complete acceptance of this user of each and every one of the conditions established in this Privacy policy.


The user undertakes to use the web site, its contents and the services within the law, this Privacy policy, good practices and public order. At the same time, the user is obliged not to use the web site or the services offered with illicit purposes or illicit effects or contrary to the content of this privacy policy, that could harm the interests or third party rights, or that in any way it could be harmed, render unused, deteriorate the web site or its services or block the successful use of the web site to other users.

In addition, the user expressly agrees to not destroy, modify, render unused or in any other way, damage the data, the codes or the electronic documents and other items within the web site.

The user undertakes not to block the access to the web site to other users by the massive use of the information technology resources that AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L. uses to offer the services, as well as not to perform actions that may harm, interrupt or generate errors in the mentioned information technology systems.

The user undertakes not to introduce code, virus, macroinstructions, mini applications, any kind of control or logic device or character sequence that cause or can cause any kind of alteration in the information technology systems of  AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L. or of the third parties or, where appropriate, violate the rights of intellectual property or industrial property.

The user undertakes not to misuse the information, messages, graphics, drawings, sound files and/or images files, pictures, software and in general, any kind of material accessible from the present web site or the services offered within.

AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L. Consequently, declines equally all responsibility derived from any liquidated damages that can suffer any visitor of this web site in its technological resources (informatics and telematic) as a result of any of the circumstances produced or facts, mentioned in the previous paragraph. Also AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L. does not guarantees that the web site or server are virus free and is not responsible for the damages that may be caused by accessing the web site or for the impossibility of access.

AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L. is not responsible of the information that can be obtained through the links and external systems of this web site.


This web site and all of its contents, including the text, documents, pictures, drawings, graphic representations, data bases, information technology systems, brands, commercial names and other distinctive marks are ownership of AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L. or of the third parties that have given authorization for its use.

All rights are reserved.


Liability of AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L. for the use of the web site

The user is the solely responsible of any violation that can incur in and of the damages that it may cause or cause for the utilization of the web site, on the other hand AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L. is exonerated of any liability that could result for the actions of the user.

The user will be the solely responsible for any claim or legal action, judicial or extrajudicial initiated by third parties against AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L. based on the use of the web site by the user. Where appropriate, the user will assume all the expenses, costs and compensations that are claimed to AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L. based on claims or legal actions that can be attributed.

AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L. ’s liability for the operability of the web site.

AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L. excludes any liability that could result from transfers, omissions, interruptions, unwanted intromissions, telecommunications shortfalls, computer virus, telephone failure or disconnection in the electronic operating system, resulting from causes outside of AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L.​

AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L. ’s liability for the links of the web site.

AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L. declines all liability regarding information (contents) or flaws (technical, moral or economic) that exists outside the web site and that could be accessed by a link of the web site, since the only purpose of the links is only to inform about an specific matter.


In compliance with the “RGPD” (General regulations of data protection), AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L. informs its users that the personal data that is given when filling in the formats or contract requirements will be stored in files that are AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L. responsibility and will be handle to be able to offer and inform the services of the products AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L. has. The fact of filling in a format in this web site implies that the user recognizes that the information and personal data that is shared belong to the user, are exact and true.

1. Who is responsible for processing your personal data?

Responsible for processing: AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L. , Carrer Cremat, 10 1r 08221 TERRASSA (Barcelona)


2. Which are the purposes of continuing processing your personal data?

We process the personal data of our contacts, clients and vendors with the purpose of manage the commercial relationship with our organization and specially the contractual aspects, to send information of our company and the industry, the organization of activities, campaigns or events and to send marketing and informative communications (including by electronic means).

3. How long we will retain your personal data?

The personal data will be retained for a period of six (6) years, in compliance with the current accounting regulation, and if necessary for ten (10) years according to the regulation of prevention of money laundering.

In any case, AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L. will retain your personal data while needed in terms of our service agreement, unless you request to remove them. Also, the company will retain during the needed period of time to comply with the legal obligations that in each case corresponds depending on the data classification.

4. What is the legitimacy of processing your personal data?

The basis for legitimacy for processing personal data is the common interest and the user’s consent.

5. To which recipients your personal data shall be disclosed to?

Your personal data can only be disclosed to third parties related to AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L. concerning the managing of their product and/or services for the same purposes referred previously, as well as to the public administration or competent authorities, when required by the applicable law.

AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L. employees that have authorized access according to the internal security structure of AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L. could access your personal data with the aims and objectives described in this Privacy Policy. All AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L. employees have been trained and informed of their responsibilities hereunder and have signed the corresponding confidential agreement. Equally, they can access you data, third parties which intervention is required and/or necessary for the correct management for the services offered.

AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L. has established agreements and security measures with third parties, to guarantee the appropriate security level for data protection along all the information flow related.

6. What are your rights related to data protection?

You can request access, modification, suppression, limit the data processing, portability and oppose to the personal data processing at any time.

For revoking consent to the delivery of commercial messages and exercise you right referred previously, send an e-mail to including your ID (document accreditation). With the exception that you have already requested this previously by clicking in the option available, located in the footnote of the electronic messages, in such case, we already have this information.

If you do not receive a positive answer and want to make a claim or obtain more information about any of such rights, you can address the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (

7. What is the information criteria of stored personal data?

Basic ID data is stored and related for sending proposals, marketing and commercial information, to create invoices, for example, name, shipping address, NIF/CIF/ID number, bank account information, if the client wants to have direct debit payment.

8. What is the storage policy for data/availability/backups and location?

Information is not deleted unless it is requested by the user and it proceeds (see item 3). It is always available, even though it can be blocked for marketing / commercial mailings, if the suppression rights are exercised, limitation to the processing or opposition by part of the user.

Security copies are performed to the servers that store the data, and are properly controlled and guarded.

9. What is the privacy and security policy of the information and its access?

The access of the data base is protected by user and password.

In the case of the remote access, it is performed by VPN protocol.

10. What is the response policy against security and impact analysis?

AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L. has taken appropriate technical protection and organizational measurements, these measurements have been applied to the affected personal data for the potential security violation. There is no access to the clients / users for third parties that are not authorized to access them.

AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L. has performed a risk analysis of the vulnerability of the personal data and its impact regarding security and the privacy of the clients / users, such analysis is kept updated.

11. ? What is the policy for deleting or unsubscribing from the service?

AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L. disable client / user accounts that decide to unsubscribe and that have exercised the right to suppression. In this case, data of the client / user will be disabled and kept for as long is required by the applicable regulation, exclusively to account for legal obligations that justify the past relationship between parties.

12. Who is our designated employee responsible for matters related to security and data protection?

AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L. is not obliged to designate a DPD (Delegado de Proteccion de datos / Data protection responsible) according to the current law.

Regardless of this, AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L. has designated an employee responsible for the data security, to ensure the correct operation of this privacy policy and to make sure that their requisites are preserved in relation with the personal data of internal and external users of the organization. You can contact with our data security responsible at

In case that AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L. identifies a security personal data breach, users will be notified at the earliest opportunity about it, and in such case that the risk is high; the competent authority will also be notified.

The registered user preserves at all times, the possibility to exercise its rights of access, correction, opposition, suppression, limited treatment, portability or cancellation and opposition to the processing of the data. Also, and in compliance with the law 34/2002, of July 1st, of the services of the information society and electronic commerce, the user can revoke at any time the given consent for receiving commercial / marketing communication. In case of doubt, and in order to exercise the mentioned rights, you can address AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L. by sending an e-mail to or by post mail at: AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L., Carrer Cremat, 10 1r 08221 TERRASSA (Barcelona)


Any controversy arising from the interpretation or the execution of this privacy policy will be interpreted based on Spanish legislation. Likewise, AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L. through its legal representative and the user, waive any other jurisdiction and submit to the courts and tribunals of the users address for any controversy it may arise. In case the user’s address is outside Spain, AAPRENDRE IDIOMES, S.L. and the user will submit to the courts and tribunals of the city of Barcelona.

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