Is Finishing The First Certificate Exam The End Of The Road?

Is Finishing The First Certificate Exam The End Of The Road?

Congratulations if you have recently passed the Cambridge First exam. It is a significant milestone in your English language journey. You have demonstrated a significant grasp of English at an upper intermediate level. You might probably be thinking, “well that’s the end of that!” And for most people it is. However, things are changing in the world and your success in the exam may not be the end of the road. 

Consider this situation. A company boss who has to choose between two candidates for a highly-prized position. This person has two CVs to consider. They are both identical except for one thing. One of the candidates has a B2 certificate in English. The other has a C1 because they recently passed the Cambridge Advanced exam. Which one do you think will get the job?

Simply put, having the Cambridge Advanced exam will give you an enormous advantage if you are entering the job market. By having this certificate you are demonstrating to future employers that you are serious about continuous learning and development. It is a challenge, and it will require a lot of hard work, but it is definitely worth considering. 

However, even if you are almost certainly finished with taking exams, don’t stop practicing. There have been many examples of people who passed the First exam but allowed their skills to diminish. You may have the exam certificate but you may have to demonstrate your abilities in your next interview or job. Keep reading books in English, make sure that you are watching movies in original version and think about continuing with conversation classes at AAprendre idiomes!

Kevin BL
Cambridge English Assessment Specialist
DOS and teacher at AAprendre idiomes