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10/02/2016 17:14
Writing Competition February 2016: THE DIARY OF A SUPERHERO (OR VILLAIN)

This month's topic is The Diary of a Superhero/Villain.  

Use your imagination!  

Here are some things to think about:

-You can be a 'good guy' or a 'bad guy'

-You can choose an existing hero (like Superman) or invent one (like Bookman!)

-You can write about one day, or many days

-What are your super powers?

-Who are your friends/enemies? 

-What is fun/difficult about being a superhero or villain?




08/02/2016 18:24
Writing Competition Finalists for January!

Well done to everyone who participated in January's writing competition!  We will be sending some of the best pen pal letters to a school in England next month, and we will be receiving letters from them as well.  Congratulations to our top 10 finalists! 

Marta Alcalá

Jan Guzmán

Valentina Nieves

Guillem Torrecillas

Eric Nieto

Adriá Rodríguez

Ares Prats

Quim Moreno

Daniela Planas

Júlia Marco

11/01/2016 14:23
January Writing Competition: 'A LETTER TO A PEN PAL'

Here are some ideas and examples to help you do this month's writing:


What is a pen pal?  Pen Pals are friends who live in different cities or countries and write letters or emails to each other.  Usually, they have never met in person.  


What should I write about? Imagine you have never met this person.  You should ask them questions about their life and tell them all about yourself.  What are your hobbies? What do you look like?  What things do you love/hate?  What about your family? Use your imagination!


Example letter:

Dear Pen Pal,

Hi! My name is Sophie.  I'm 10 years old and I'm in the 3rd grade at Walnut Elementary School.  I am very excited to have a new pen pal!

First, I'll tell you about myself.  I'm quite tall, I have blonde hair, and I have green eyes.  I have two older brothers (Sam and Joseph) and a dog named Sparky. We all live together in an apartment in Barcelona, near the sea.  

I love football and volleyball, and in my free time I like to go to the cinema with my family or ride my bike in the park.  I also like to read comic books.  Do you like comics?

Now I have some questions for you!  Where do you live?  Do you like your school?  Do you have any brothers or sisters?  Oh, and what's your favorite food? 

I hope you write back soon! I look forward to hearing from you!

All the best,



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